Find Your Purpose

      Living Your Divine Purpose is all about finding who you are! Knowing where you’re from in order to know where you are going. The journey begins when you make a conscious decision to take Action Towards Achieving Your Dreams!

Most individuals live in fear of life itself, they cripple themselves by the thoughts they carry consistently within their minds as a result of Fear. If your thoughts are not aligned with the very things you seek, you will inevitably move in the opposite direction of Living A Purpose, Passion Filled Life!

Your life is a gift to accept with gratitude and embrace each moment. Learn to enjoy the journey!

Don’t spend your life running, trying to get to your destination while missing the extraordinary blessings along the way. Understand the lessons you are meant to learn in every challenge and adversity, because if you deny taking responsibilty for your life, you will continue to repeat making the same self-destructive choices and decisions.

Take time each day to pray and meditate. This will give you the spiritual stillness needed to quiet your mind in order to hear your own inner voice. The reality is most people spend their lives running only to end up where they began.

Everyone is in a hurry to get everything immediately without realizing everything is a process, in which we must all follow before we can take the next step. Just like children, they creep before they walk!

We must also take one step at a time and grasp the full essence of who we are and what we are trying to accomplish. Have faith in all that you do , believing you can accomplish anything you desire. Finding Your Purpose will allow you to find your truth, the reason you are here on this earth.

If we will understand that we are all here for a Purpose, not just by chance; then, there will be a global transformation, a shift in human consciousness!

Many have made a conscious decision to continue living their lives in darkness, while others are scrambling for answers to their Life’s Purpose. The reality is many will be called within their own spiritual consciousness but few will choose to listen to their calling to find the bigger existence of who they truly are.

Most are afraid to look at themselves in the mirror because they are afraid to see the hidden truth about themselves. The person they’ve chosen to accept as their authentic self, while hiding behind the mask of fear, doubt and illusions!

This universe provides for us everything we could possibly need, there is enough for every human being; yet we are constantly living in greed, envy and hatred towards each other. We’ve forgotten who we are!

It’s time to take action, it’s time to live, it’s time to heal, it’s time to Love ourselves and each other. It’s time to eradicate the darkness with light, so we can truly begin to Live Our True Divine Purpose!!!!

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