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If you want to create a sacred space, please click the overview link above. 


     Sacred Space is an area of your home or office that is dedicated to that part of you that honors your spirit. It can be as large as an extra room or as small as the corner of a table or bookshelf.  Sacred Space can enhance your spiritual experience and practice and can set your mood in a comfortable and welcoming setting. It can take you out of your mindset at work, school, relationships, errands, and other.

There are many ways to utilize your sacred space. One of them is to use it as a place to go to pray, meditate, read, and self-reflect. You can write your affirmations and leave them on your altar. It is your special place to just sit and be quiet. You can choose the option to think or not. You may be just using the space to remind yourself of all the wonderful people who have influenced your life, and you may go to your space just to say thanks, or ask for guidance.


Once you have your own self in order, then you can help others to do the same.

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