You are fortunate to be born a human being, but it is difficult to live life properly, even harder to follow a spiritual path and most difficult to attain Nirvana.


The Buddha



A single step on the path of enlightenment is greater than
being the ruler of the universe.


The World Verse



Who ranks as the Highest? One who owns nothing, desires nothing, is attached to nothing.


The Highest Verse



Live your life in happiness, even though those around you live their lives in hatred and wish to spread their antipathy.
Be happiness itself.


Happiness Verse



If you are virtuous and follow a proper life, there will be no wanting in your life,
This is in accord with nature.


Anguttara Nikaya



Ford the fiercest stream of life and overcome desire. Go beyond delusion and opposites. Concentrate on your practice.
Attachment will fall away from you and you will know truth.


The Highest Verse



Live in accord with nature. and if you are joyous there will be no wanting in your life. This will give you great relaxation.


Anguttara Nikaya



It is only you who can master your self.
But once this is done, it is a rare blessing.


Self Verse



Don't try to do too much, too quickly. Cleanse your mind of flaws little by little, making sure the job is well done.
For if this is not done properly, then bad deeds will consume those who action them.


Flaw Verse



You have to know how to follow your own practice, before the time arrives when you can help others to follow theirs.
This is not an easy task to master.


Self Verse



Meditation leads you to wisdom. No meditation leaves you where you are.
Make up your mind where you would rather be.


The Right Way Verse



It is good to be a loving child to your parents.
It is good to be a renunciant.
It is good to be virtuous in old age.
It is good to be held in high esteem.
But to achieve lasting joy.
it is good to become enlightened.


The Elephant Verse


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