The Wisdom of Trees


From the perspective of Taoism and Chi Kung, the tree represents the ideal of man’s position in the Universe, standing in balance between heaven and earth. Living in perfect halves, these great plants constantly lift towards the nourishing light of the sun, and ceaselessly sink into the foundation of the earth, searching for sustenance and drawing it back to the center. Both actions balance one another and mutually generate a state of timelessness. Fullness of breath, expansion and contraction. Our forests bear witness; silent and enduring, unmoving and unbowed by the primal forces that surround and shape them.

An so it is in Chi Kung practice. Standing in alignment with the Universe, skeleton poised, all else sinking, releasing and rising, and the resultant cleansing of our connections. This is post training; continuously and gently pressing the center of the earth away, and reaching with the collarbone, crown straightened lightly. Searching the cosmos for the truth vibrations. Receiving transmissions. Sending the signal.

Standing as a tree would grants you the chance to release, to dissolve that which no longer serves you. Moving in stillness, forgiving everything down to the essence and bearing witness to the power which lies in our crystal skeletons. The Joy of our bones, the truth of our marrow.

And martial kung fu was really based on stances. It revolved around maintaining a continuous mix of physical and mental principles. About vibrating in a specific way, manipulating the information fields to read simple waves of light, and project power in the creation of the word and the breath. So you stood, wrapping your fascia in the immortal ways of power, flexing your body like a winding flesh of wood. Receiving and Transmitting signals.

And there is great strength in your connection to this Earth, and to its magnetic center, molten and dense. And we can feel the slow movement of this natural force below when we stand. With the pull and press of our roots. And we can feel other fields of the Universe too, by listening to the way our arms and torso sway, as branches in the breeze. Keeping our shoulders free and full of free-will, knowing that if our limbs freeze we are doomed by bigger winds, by the ceaseless gusts of change.

The trees are conveyors of wisdom, teeming with messages from above and below, providing a place of endless exchange. In grasping their effortless approach, we gain the balance of continuous breath and ceaseless light. Of sensitive, spreading roots and deep vibrational sight.

So take yourself to the woods or the park and press using this principle truth. Push the tree and press the earth together with attention and with deep, buoyant breaths, moving slow and with resonant power. Creating your own signal. Living your own truth and embracing a higher harmonic. Breathe now, and keep safe with the changing stars and the shimmering dust of the galactic center. Hear the impenetrable, vibrating song of that ancient black hole. Holding up heaven with your arms and your breath. Supporting the caverns of the Earth with your legs and your heartbeat. Washing your vessel like tides on the beach.

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