The Knights Code

To a Knight, courtesy involves more than merely following rules of etiquette. It is also an attitude, a way of presenting himself to the world. A knight carries himself proudly, maintains self-control, and accepts ill- mannered behavior with grace. He follows social customs to the best of his ability. He is polite and deferential to friends and strangers alike.

A Knight considers the feelings of others and takes care not to offend them. etc. Always demonstrates proper manners (shaking hands with friends, expressing gratitude for favors) and keeps himself immaculately groomed (bathing regularly and wearing clean clothes, Speaks tactfully and kindly. A Knight never knowingly insults or slanders another person, even his greatest enemy. If others engage in insults or slander, the Knight walks away.

Behave with dignity. A knight refrains from emotional outbursts, excessive eating and drinking, foul language, and other boorish acts.(Not saying a knight can't drink, many of Arthur's knights did drink, but they seldom ever let themselves get belligerent or boorish.)

A knight always tells the truth as he knows it. He may decline or withhold information, but will never intentionally mislead anyone, even his or her enemies. A knight may ask permission not to answer a direct question, but if pressed will tell the truth (However, he may frame his answer so as not to reveal vital information).

A Knight doesn't make promises lightly, but once he gives his word, he always keeps it. As a marriage vow is a promise, a Knight cannot consider a divorce. The only exceptions to this is if the spouse commits an evil deed, abandonment, and the like, then the Knight can divorce

A knight demonstrates unyielding courage in the face of adversity. No danger is too great to prevent him from fulfilling a promise or completing a mission. His commitment is stronger than his fear of pain, hardship or even death. A Knight's valor is particularly evident on the battlefield. He regards war as a noble enterprise and combat as an opportunity to glorify his patron.

A Knight attacks an enemy without hesitation, continuing to fight until the enemy withdraws or is defeated. Whenever possible, a Knight chooses the most formidable enemy as his primary opponent. Powerful monsters, a giant, a dragon, or the leader of an army are the enemies of choice to the knight.

A Knight conducts himself with integrity regardless of circumstance. He behaves in a morally sound manner even when he's by himself or when no one else will know of his actions. It is an admirable act to comfort a dying friend, but an act of honor to comfort a dying enemy.

The Knight shows mercy to the repentant, and refuses to inflict undue suffering, even on the vilest evildoer. Accepts all challenges to duel of fight given by those of comparable status and power. A challenge from an arrogant youngster or a drunken warrior may go unheeded.

He dies before compromising his principles, betraying his liege or faith, or abandoning a protected charge. A Knights defends the weak. Obeys all just orders from his superiors without hesitation or question. An order that is considered unjust, (disobeys the will of the patron) may be challenged or disobeyed.

A Knight gladly shares his funds and possessions with anyone in need. He will give his last bit of food to a hungry person, even if he must go without food. If he encounters a soldier without a sword, and the knight owns two, he will give one away as a gift, regardless of the sword's value.

He is generous of spirit, always willing to lend an ear to a troubled companion or acknowledge a friend's accomplishments with lavish praise.

A True Knight is Honorable

A True Knight must accept responsibility for the one thing that is within his control, himself.

A True Knight must always keep their word, realizing that a person who's word is as good as their bond is held in high esteem by all.

A True Knight must never speak harshly or critically of a Brother or Sister, unless it be in private and tempered with the love we have for each other. Always speaking to him or her for the purpose of aiding him to be a better knight.

A True Knight must always rely on his or her instincts and those lessons taught to him throughout the course of his Knightly career when deciding right from wrong. A True Knight Shows Excellence A True Knight must commit to excellence, and seek the highest level of excellence in all aspects of his or her life.

A True Knight must always excel in his education, putting forth his best effort in all his school works.

A True Knight must always excel in bearing, keeping his or her attitude and conduct above reproach. He or she should always be aware that it is through their bearing that our Division be judged by.

A True Knight has Courage

A True Knight must have the courage to stand up for those principles which he or she believes are right, especially in the presence of those who oppose the cardinal virtues of the Knighthood.

A True Knight is never afraid to defend their own rights and those of others.

A True Knight shall always stand to defend the rights of the weak, the oppressed, and the downtrodden.

A True Knight is Loyal

A True Knight shall always remain loyal to the Order of Knighthood.

A True Knight shall, at all times, remain loyal to his brothers.

A True Knight is Generous

A True Knight shall be generous with his time, always endeavoring to share his knowledge and experience with the younger Knight.

A True Knight shall always offer to help and assist whenever the need should require it.

A True Knight shall demonstrate his generosity anonymous and by example, placing the needs of others above his own.

A True Knight is Well-Spoken

A True Knight shall not engage in vulgarity.

A True Knight shall always be heard speaking favorably about the Order of Knighthood and his kingdom in general.

A True Knight is Discreet

A True Knight shall maintain all confidences reposed in him.

A True Knight shall not engage in any conversation that demeans any woman in particular, or women in general.

A True Knight shall not engage in slander, realizing that that which is unseen is unknown.

A True Knight shall keep to himself those things which are seen, but may cause physical or emotional damage to another.

A True Knight shall keep his relationship with his lady private, and not hold their relationship up to public scrutiny.

A True Knight is Pure

A True Knight shall not, in any manner, bring shame upon himself or Knighthood.

A True Knight shall not consume anything that hinders their fighting ability or thinking ability to the point of being useless to the land in which they serve.

A True Knight is Wise

A True Knight shall endeavor to use the tenets of the Knighthood and the lessons of life to prevent foolish actions.

A True Knight shall always hold the tenet " Think twice before speaking once" as the basis for all his or her dealings with others.

A True Knight shall always attempt to apply practical knowledge to all of the situations he or she faces.

A True Knight is Courteous

A True Knight shall always take the time to display those courtesies which we all are entitled to, remembering that familiarity does not serve as an exception.

A True Knight shall always attempt to make others feel welcome and appreciated when visiting the Knight's Lodge.

A True Knight shall be patient and understanding when working with a younger Knight or Squire.

A True Knight shall respect the fact that others have their own opinions, and not require them to adopt his own.

A True Knight is Just

A True Knight shall not value himself above others or feel that he should be singled out for special treatment.

A True Knight shall refrain from judging others based on outward appearances or characteristics.

A True Knight shall treat all people with fairness and honesty, regardless of their station in life.

A True Knight shall, when asked to, mediate a dispute between two Knights, judge fairly, honestly and without malice, taking into consideration the effects of his decision on his fellow knights and the Knighthood.


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