In order for you to get started, Spiritual Works would like to provide an outline of what we will cover and hope to accomplish at the end.

  Table of Contents    
  Types of Sacred Spaces - Look at different types of sacred places.    
  Cleansing - Before you start, you need to cleanse and purify your sacred space.    
  Furniture - Basic furnitures you need and options.    
  Ritual Items - Items you can use for your sacred place.    
  Art - Having art can improve your sacred place image.    
  Music - Music can enhance the experience.    
  Crystals - List of crystals you can use for the sacred place.    
  Clothing - Wearing certain clothes can bring you out of your everyday routine.    
  Activities - Suggested activities you can do in your sacred space.    
  Gallery - More pictures of sacred spaces.    


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