The Law of Attraction


The law of attraction, in its most basic of terms, is an understanding that your reality, your experience is formed by you for your own learning experience. This understanding about the nature of reality will be more commonly understood in the future as science continues to explore and probe into the building blocks of this and other realities but how can you use the law of attraction I your life now, what is the best way to start? Great question..

Because many people ask me about the law of attraction: what it is, how it works and how can thye use it I have come up with a three step strategy that I know works well for people in their lives. This step-by-step process is of course based on decades of experience understand and exploring the nature of my own identity and how it relates to reality so I hope it shows you how simple it can be to get started.

How To Use The Law of Attraction Now

1. Take 20 minutes each day to explore your thoughts..especially your fears. Take an active interest in what you are scared of and why. These fears are holding your experience back and limiting what is possible for you.

2. Keep asking yourself this question during the day: “what ideas could be causing this experience”? and allow yourself to ponder of what comes up for you.

3. Start to believe in yourself and your dreams again..let yourself feel what it will be like to create the life you want.


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