Reaction To Unfairness

Everyone has to face unfairness almost at every turn in one's life. The reactions to any unfairness shown towards us may vary from anger to extreme cynicism. It is important to learn to moderate one's thought processes and reactions otherwise life may become too difficult to live.

Life is not going to be fair at all turns. Everyday there are going to be situations where we have to confront unfair people and injustice. There are going to be people who violate traffic rules and yell at you instead. There are going to be bosses who would like to pin all failures on you. You work hard but all recognition and reward is enjoyed by your colleague. Undeserving people would get the entire raise and you will be bypassed. There are going to be colleagues who project you as incompetent. There are going to be people who commit mistakes and innocents lose their lives. You will be swindled, cheated upon and your money taken by scamsters.

This is not to paint a negative or bleak picture of life to frighten. Success in life depends to a great deal on how well we react to unfairness and injustice.

Do we lose our cool and respond back in the same manner. Are we also going to shout back, act the villain, back bite and look for opportunities to swindle because that is the way world is made.

Is 'give what you get' your response to unfairness and injustice.

Our response to such unfairness will dictate our success and where we end up in life. So how do we react to unfairness and injustice?

Take Responsibility

When we take responsibility for all events unfolding around us, we have won half the battle. While there may be unfairness in situations, however do we put all the blame on others? Make a list of 5 things you could have done to avoid such situations. This would help us to avoid being at the receiving end in future.


Often our expectations are too high from others and society in general. This causes a stressful situation and negative reactions. Be gentle on your expectations from others. There is no better reaction to unfairness than being gentle and understanding. This would make the others realize their own folly.

Belief in Human Goodness

There may be situations where we have been unfair ourselves. But it does not mean we are bad. Believe every human being is good. There may be situations which would have created negative reactions.

Responding Positively

Responding and reacting to unfairness in an emotional state may cause more negativity and damage. Responding with maturity and cool would help us to find the right solutions. If nothing else we are equipping ourselves to face the realities of life in a healthy and intelligent state of mind.

We can choose how we react to unfairness and injustice. We can be negative and rant and rave about it or be positive or proactive in dealing with it. Our success in life greatly depends upon our being positive. Article


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